Small Animal Rescue

Various types of Small Animals are dropped off here anonymously, mainly unwanted accidental litters. To view the available rescues, view the adopt a rescue tab.

Rescued animals are taken to the proper facility for treatment, if needed. For more information to drop off an unwanted small animal, view the Small Animal Drop Off tab.


Kay's Small Animals began in 2019 breeding Fancy Mice & Dumbo Rats to prove inbreeding does have a negative effect on their health and physical traits. In 2021, people started to drop off pregnant small animals at my door, which gave me the idea to create the Small Animal Drop-Off section, where people can anonymously fill out a form regarding the animal they will be dropping off to make me aware there will be an animal at my door at this date & time. Since this section was added, small animals one after another are being dropped off here, majority of them were pregnant and had their pups here. It wouldn't make sense for me to keep bringing living things into this world when so many are already coming in. This turned Kay's Small Animals into a Non-Profit Organization focusing on small animals with behavioral issues and accidental litters caused by an error in dividing the genders when its weaning time. To see more updates follow & like Kay's Small Animals on Facebook!  


1005 Sandpiper Ct

 Bartlett, Illinois 60103

Call after 5pm Mon-Friday or Text available 24/7