Adopt a Rescue


These are animals that were handed over to us for various of reasons. After working with their behavior, they are able to be adopted to their forever home! 

All females from the December 5th rescued litter has already been adopted to their forever home! The December 11th rescued litter will be adoptable & posted January 8th.

These pups were dropped off outside the door with their mama on December 5th. A couple days later on December 11th, another mama rat and her pups were left at the door.

The mama rats will also be up for adoption 2 weeks after all pups are weaned. 

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Adoption Days & Times Available:

Friday - 5pm-8pm

Saturday - 1pm-8pm

Sunday - 3pm-8pm

**If request consists of a day & time not listed above, then there will be a possibility of rejection**

Please wait 24-48 hours for a response 

You will have to fill out a small adoption form for our records. The adoption fee for animals is $10.00, cash or card accepted. 


When you receive the animals, we will provide a box with small blanket, but you are more than welcome to bring your own transport crate.


Please note, this animal will stay on website until the adoption process is complete. Other requests for same animal will be waitlisted. If your order should be cancelled for any reason, the animal(s) will not be held for a later date.

Adoption Request
Please read time availability

Thanks for the request! Please wait 24 hours for a response. Address will be disclosed in response.