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Listed below are the estimated wean dates for 2022 Rat & Mice litters

April 16th, 2022

August 6th, 2022 

December 3rd, 2022

Once pairing is complete, parent rats and mice will be updated below.

Dumbo Rats - Breeding

At the end of 2019, I heard of a rat breeder who put all her time and effort breeding the best temperament pet rats that are known to live 3-4 years and did not document interactions. She showed me how she handled everything. Then in 2020, she passed away then I fully took over her rats. I kept it the way she had it, with only searching for good quality rats without any documentation, until I started seeing great outcomes in the mice pups, whos father was a documented male. Today, I continue to search for only documented rats to put into these lines and document all interactions.  


Fancy Mice - Breeding

This breeding journey of mice began in 2019 to demonstrate that incest does have an effect on their genetics, physical characteristics, and life expectancy. I went to two separate pet stores and purchased three females from one and one male from the other. As I continued to purchase from different pet stores, I kept asking what vendor they were from to ensure I did not mix the same vendor’s mice with mine again. In March 2020, I began to look for mice from a Mousery so that I could discover which other lines are associated with the breeder mice I put into my lines. After 5-6 litters, I began to see a great difference in their physical traits. Today, I continue to breed only documented mice into these lines and document any interaction between them. Their life span is estimated 2-3 years.


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